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Yin Care Herbal Wash Combo Kit (vaginal) applicator + 6 oz bottle

Yin Care Herbal Wash Combo Kit (vaginal) applicator + 6 oz bottle

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    • **New Look, Same Great Product** THIS COMBO PAK HAS THE APPLICATOR INCLUDED.
    • 6 oz.
    • Recommended by Chinese Medical Practitioners/Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Naturopaths, Midwives, and OB/GYNs
    • Contains Both Extracts and Essential Oils of the Below Listed Herbs
    • pH Balanced, Cooling & Cleansing
    • Hypoallergenic, Maintains Healthy Microbiome 

    Yin-care is China’s foremost external application remedy for the past 20 years and is used by 80 million patients annually with remarkable effectiveness. In modern, biomedical terms, Yin-Care has been formulated for external use only. Yin-care is a combination of 14 highly extracted anti-pathogenic herbs. 

    Common usage: Transform dampness, clear heat and toxin, purge fire, cool blood, disperse wind and stop itching, reduce swelling, detoxify skin lesions, and promote circulation. 

    This formula does NOT take the place of the doctor's protocol.  It helps the body quickly recover from a strong antibiotic treatment. It rebalances the pH of the vagina, so this helps you recover the natural flora and immunity you need.  Also, it helps with vaginal dryness because when there is more balance the herbs and foods you are eating to help multiple vaginal issues will be able to work more easily.

    Caution: Not for internal use. 

    Ingredients: Cnidium - She Chuang Zi, R Mentha - Bo He, CB Lonicera - Jin Yin Hua, DD Gardenia - Zhi Zi, DA Phellodendron - Huang Bai, Scutellaria - Huang Qin, DB Sophora - Ku Shen, DB Kochia - Di Fu Zi, FC Artemisia - Yin Chen Hao, FC Angelica - Du Huo, FA Atractylodes - Cang Zhu, FB Acorus - Shi Chang Pu, M Artemisia - Ai Ye, J Pseudolarix - Tu Jing Pi, Q Contains: Yin-Care Herbal Wash 4 fl ozs (120 ml)

    This website is not designed to diagnose or treat diseases. Yin Care is not a cure for any disease. It has been specifically designed with anti-inflammatory herbs to help alleviate symptoms of itching and pain.

    Always be sure to check your situation with your primary care physician. If you have an infection it could be very dangerous. This product is okay to take while you are taking antibiotics. It is extremely valuable to take when you finish, to help restore the natural flora to your vagina, helping you to be more resistant to future infections.

    Please share the information about this product with your primary care provider

    Caution: Do NOT use in your mouth.  Do NOT swallow. Not for internal use. In rare instances, skin-sensitive patients may react to this product in concentrations above 5%.