Yin Care Herbal Mouth Wash Sold Out
Yin Care Herbal Mouth Wash Sold Out

Yin Care Herbal Mouth Wash Sold Out

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Natural chemical free mouthwash
  • Reduces cellular inflammation
  • Soothes multiple varieties of mouth sores
  • Supports proper cellular structure
  • Balances mouth flora
  • Removes bad breath
  • Kills bad bacteria
  • Clears burning conditions of the mouth

Yin Care Herbal Mouth Wash for supreme oral care is alcohol-free and contains mint essence and stevia. Great for treating:

  • Bad breath
  • Irritations
  • Inflammations
  • Infections
  • Mouth Sores
  • Gum Sores
  • Ulcerations
  • Thrush

All special herbs for clearing inflammation many are similar to the herbs in Yin Care Douche but only the ones safe to hold in the mouth are included. NEVER USE THE DOUCH YIN CARE ORALLY. Many of these herbs have demonstrated antibiotic/antiviral properties. It is said in TCM that when there is inflammation in the mouth area it is governed by the Stomach Channel. So these herbs are perfect for clearing heat (what Western Medicine calls inflammation) from the Stomach Channel (which starts of the foot goes up the whole length of the body wraps around the mouth and gums and ends just below the eyes (on both sides).This formula is the perfect partner for Clear Simplex 1 which clears the same heat internally. Used together most irritations clear up within a day or two. If they do not it is imperative to see your primary care physician immediately.


Di Fu Zi
Yin Chen Hao
Du Huo
She Chuang Zi
Shi Chang Pu
Ai Ye
Bo He
Jin Yin Hua
Zhi Zi
Huang Bai
Huang Qin
Ku Shen