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Vitex Plus

Vitex Plus

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Vitex Plus will not be available for a few months.  Since we are not manufacturing it ourselves anymore we are searching for a new qualifying source. 

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as soon as it is in stock.

Increases cervical mucus & balances hormones
  • Generates cervical fluids
  • Stimulates pituitary gland
  • Assists in decreasing FSH levels
  • Used for all PMS symptoms
  • Regulates hormonal balance and menses
  • Helpful to increase progesterone and normalize estrogen
  • Considered one of the top 10 longevity herbs in Chinese Medicine
  • Warning: Vitex is NOT appropriate for all women at all times. (read the information below to understand). Vitex at the right time is miraculous. Vitex at the wrong moment in your fertility journey could throw many things out of balance.

Everyone is taking Vitex right now. This is not right. Please be very aware that taking Vitex is NOT for every woman. For many women, it will throw things out of balance.
If you tend to overheat this is not the herb for you at this time. When the hot flashes are gone and you feel more temperature stable, that would be a time when you could experiment to see how your body responds. Your personal reaction to the herb is how to determine if it is working for you. Your acupuncturist could also guide you.

Vitex also referred to as Chaste Berry is a valuable herb to help women on their path towards hormonal balance. However, it is an herb that is as delicate as it is effective. So the key to getting the results you want is finding a very high-quality product and getting the advice you need on how it is best for you to use it.

Women are not, all the same, their cycles are not all the same. Vitex may be exactly right for them; or not. What dosage and when it should be taken can also vary.

Vitex is often found in powdered form where a good quality extract may be mixed with other herbs to reduce the cost. Radiant Wonder Vitex is a potent full spectrum 10 to 1 extract. (10:1) This means for every 10 pounds of herb the extraction process produces 1 pound of extract. Most herbal extracts are 4:1 or 5:1.

Vitex should be consumed within a year of purchase because it is so aromatic that it breaks down more quickly than many herbs. We do not warehouse lots of Vitex because we are very aware of this quality of the herb. We order it often and store it with great care. When you order Vitex the product you receive was produced within a month of your purchase. We keep close track of the batch numbers.

We spent a long time researching sources for Vitex. We are confident we have the best product on the market. It is not inexpensive. However, it is very powerful and very effective. Depending on the dose your herbalist recommends one bottle should be at least a one-month supply.

Buy quality Vitex. One of the reasons we sell directly to the consumer and not through a distributor and a store is that we want to make sure the herbs you buy are thoroughly tested, and of high quality. You will notice the rich resinous and aromatic smell of our Vitex. Many Vitex products have very little scent or may smell faintly of mold. Most Vitex products consist of raw herb powder or may be mixed with an extract to cut down on the cost. Raw herb powder is inexpensive low potency and has the possibility of being contaminated with microbes.

It is important to understand what a ''full spectrum'' extract is. (What is a full spectrum extract?) Our Vitex full-spectrum extract is made by cooking the raw seeds and at the same time capturing the essential oils (in the aromatic smell which comes as you cook the herbs). After the seeds are cooked they are ''spray dried'' under a flash of hot air into a vacuum. This process rapidly dries the liquid extract to a powder. During this step, the essential oils are released back into the powder.

Vitex also can be enhanced if combined with some very specific herbs which work synergistically with Vitex Our new product Vitex Plus has Vitex plus a few very special Chinese herbs chosen to enhance the actions of the Vitex. This is an exquisite product worth every bit of the research and thought behind it. Vitex is known to stimulate the pituitary gland and the secretion of luteotropic hormone (LH) which increases the output of progesterone (causing a decrease in FSH). It thus has the potential to regulate hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle including normalizing estrogen.

Vitex has demonstrated effectiveness in treating PMS and its associated symptoms of migraines depression cramps edema in legs sensitive breasts and allergies. It also helps with problems associated with menopause such as dry vagina hot flashes dizziness and depression. It also has demonstrated effectiveness in helping to resolve amenorrhea irregular menstruation heavy bleeding or too short a menstrual cycle withdrawal from birth control pills and fibroid cysts. It even increases mother's milk. It is gentle and has no known side effects. According to one study it may be that the flavonoid molecules in this plant lower blood cholesterol.

Vitex is also helpful in fertility programs. Recent scientific study has determined that it works by affecting the ratio of LH and FSH hormones which are brain hormones that help regulate estrogen and progesterone.

It is important to take Vitex at the right time. Chinese Herbalism says that it helps to balance the Yin and Yang of the cycle. Yin is the first part of the cycle and Yang is the second. In the first half estrogen is the predominant hormone and in the second it is Progesterone. Yin is the fuel. Yang is the fire. Taken at the right time Vitex will have all of the researched results.

If taken when the body's energy is depleted before deep nourishment has brought back lost energy reserves the Vitex will cause sore breasts headaches etc. And instead of normalizing the estrogen/progesterone balance, it will instead throw it off. So sometimes it is best to deeply nourish the body with other formulas for a month or two before you start the Vitex.

Listen to your body. Your body's balance is what allows you to reclaim your natural fertility function. Take a few months (3-4) to deeply nourish yourself. Do the Radiant Eight Energy exercises every day. Do the Fertility Massage. Hot Water Detox.....etc. Then try it again. If you still have side effects go back and then test again the next month. If you have questions along the way use our support groups to ask and find your answers.

**Do not use while pregnant or nursing**


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