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Ultimate Immune Defense

Ultimate Immune Defense

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

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About this Product

Immune builder to resolve chronic allergies

  • Restores balance within the immune system
  • Assists in anti-aging and rejuvenation
  • Helpful against chronic allergies
  • Supports oxidative elimination
  • Helpful to calm and release stress

Scientific research continues to mount, demonstrating the immune-enhancing benefits of the mushrooms in Ultimate Immune Defense. The four mushrooms in this formula have been used for thousands of years to overcome many ailments and to bring about Radiant Health. These mushrooms are known for their anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits. Who can benefit from this formula? Anyone.

It is a great formula for people who have chronic allergies. It is fantastic for those who have autoimmune disease, because it helps bring balance to the immune system and it does not stimulate the immune system, making it overact on itself. Ultimate Immune Defense is safe and gentle, yet powerful for those who are battling long-term chronic illnesses; a perfect partner to take with the doctor's protocol.

These mushrooms are double-directional. They improve the functioning of the immune system, balancing the immune response, instead of merely stimulating it. Modern science calls this type of herb an immune modulator or adaptogen.

Ultimate Immune Defense is also an anti-stress formula. It can calm the mind, ease tension, improve memory, and build willpower. If taken long-term, this formula has a cumulative effect and can protect on every level — physical, mental, and emotional. It can help us adapt to changing circumstances and enjoy success without the negative side effects of stress.