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Super Nourishing Formula

Super Nourishing Formula

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

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About this Product

Relieves hot flashes & supports hormonal balance

  • Builds nourishing body fluids
  • Helps to remove body heat
  • Promotes circulation and body communication
  • Regulates hormonal balance
  • Helps with centering, anchoring, and lowering stress
  • Generates emotional stability

Super Nourishing is one of our most remarkable Yin-nourishing formulas. In Chinese herbalism Yin is defined as the accumulation and storage of energy the foundation from which all things are made, and all activities are nourished. This formula quickly restores these lost energy reserves. The challenges of modern life while exciting and fulfilling deplete our energy reserves. Severe depletion of this energy results in different symptoms for different people. For some it is reflected with mental or emotional instability with a wide range of symptoms. Where one person experiences increased frustration or irritability another may suffer from panic anxiety or deep mental fatigue. Because this energy foundation affects so many of the body's operations a Yin-deficiency may present itself in a variety of ways--infertility insomnia caffeine withdrawal hot flashes night sweats. Like all Yin-building formulas Super Nourishing Formula provides deep nourishment for the body and is a potent anti-aging tool strengthening bones strengthening mental function building blood and nourishing the central nervous system. Recommended Dose: 3 capsules twice a day until symptoms subside. Then continue for at least 3 months (It takes 120 days for your blood supply to completely rejuvenate. So after 3 months you will be able to fully evaluate the benefits of the herbs). Contact a trained Radiant Wonder herbalist for personalized recommendations for your unique situation such as healing foods you can buy at your grocery store and special energy exercises to speed the re-balancing.

Relieving Menopausal Symptoms:
Because of its deep Yin-nourishing qualities Super Nourishing can be a very valuable tool for re-balancing severe menopausal symptoms. If your menopausal symptoms are severe you should pair Super Nourishing with Stress Relief and practice the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. If you are unsure about how severe your symptoms are see our Evaluation Chart for more information. Before you start your program study the Evaluation Chart taking note of all the symptoms you are feeling. Don't just concentrate on the hot flashes. All of the symptoms are relevant especially your energy levels. Then keep track of how you feel after you start the program. It only takes a week to start noticing changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We want you to be successful! Radiant Wonder formulas for menopause nourish and stimulate your own hormone production by providing the nutrition the body needs to bring more balance to the endocrine glands which helps your own natural hormone production. Our herbal formulas are not like natural or synthetic hormones that override the body's endocrine system. The Radiant Wonder program gives the body the deep nutrition it needs to re-balance hormones naturally. Are you really tired of your symptoms and want to speed up your results? Do the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises every day. These special exercises are a secret weapon to ensure the success of the program. Do not think: ''I'll do the herbs first and see how it goes.'' Instead think: ''I am going to give this program a real try.'' Do the exercises. Menopause is not something women should have to suffer with month after month year after year. It is simply a natural transition from the childbearing years. According to Chinese Herbalist theory many menopausal symptoms (i.e. mood swings mental fog hot flashes or flushed face heat and pain in the knees and legs and loss of bone density) are related primarily to a depletion of energy the Chinese call ''Jing''. (The closest parallel in Western language is ''adrenal system''). As we live through challenges, we pull on our Jing to meet these challenges. This causes the Jing to be depleted. When the body's energy reserves get low it is unable to maintain its normal balance. Your reserve energy or Jing is the powerhouse that runs all the body's functions. When your energy supply is low things begin to fall out of balance--the hormonal systems don’t transition smoothly sleep functioning is impaired mental clarity is affected coordination is lost symptoms of excess heat appear (you get hot flashes palpitations sudden anger or frustration etc.). Our Transition Formulas are highly sophisticated formulas designed to help your body regain its strength and balance allowing your body to go through the transition without losing control. You will feel like yourself again! These formulas have a long history of success with three thousand years of clinical use. They are safe gentle and non-addictive as are all our formulas. Our goal is to cultivate your body's energy reserves so it can bring itself back into balance. Radiant Wonder herbal formulas for menopause have been used for thousands of years by women like you. They nourish your body helping your own natural hormonal production. Hormones whether natural or synthetic whether pills or creams are so powerful they override your body's endocrine system. It is very hard to achieve hormonal balance when you are overriding part of the system. The hormonal system is extremely complicated not yet fully understood by Western science. It is safer to do what you can to give your body the deep nutrition it needs to re-balance itself naturally. Related Topics: Vaginal Dryness.