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Sugar Relief

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Reduces sugar cravings & balances pH
  • Helps to rebalance insulin levels after eating too much sugar
  • Famous for reducing sugar cravings when taken regularly
  • Helps to resolve excess body heat and mucus
  • Promotes pH balance which also helps the immune system
  • Helps to lower acid in the body
  • Supports proper digestion

Sugar Relief is the perfect formula to take after overindulging in too many sweets.  Sugar Relief helps control sugar cravings when taken regularly.

According to the wisdom of ancient Chinese herbalists, too much sugar can create excess heat in the body as well as excess mucus. Modern science identifies sugar as a major agent for throwing the body into a more acidic condition. Sugar Relief helps to balance all of these conditions.

For this formula, we added Gymnema Sylvestre to a very special combination of Chinese herbs that help the body to regain its acid/alkaline balance.


Gymnema, herb
Morus Alba, leaf
Discorea, root
Loquat, leaf
Coix, seed
Rehmannia, prepared root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules

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Robert Z.

My doctor is so pleased with my blood sugar levels. We were having a hard time getting them under control. However since I added 2 capsules of Sugar Relief before each meal the difference is dramatic. I am on a lower dose of my medicine. I am dedicated to this product.