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Stop the Cough

Stop the Cough

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Releases dry & spasming coughs
  • Stops ANY cough quickly
  • Stops the cough by relaxing the respiratory system.
  • Thins mucus and makes it easy to expel
  • You can stop the formula when the cough stops. If it keeps coming back after a few days then there is an underlying issue to be addressed (maybe dry, or weak lungs)
  • Great formula to use any morning to alleviate heaviness in chest or morning phlegm

Stopping your cough quickly is the sole action of this formula. It is excellent for both acute and chronic coughs. And we guarantee it will work. A cough pulls down your lung energy (lung chi). Your voice becomes weak. Your overall vitality keeps degrading. When you stop a cough you increase the energy (the chi) of your lungs and you can feel your health and vitality returning. Stop the Cough is a great formula to always have on hand because it works quickly. Once the cough is gone, Stop the Cough goes back in your cabinet. It is also a quick remedy for heaviness in the chest from phlegm that appears in the morning. Stop the Cough is a mild mucolytic. Mucolytics break down the mucus and make it a thinner fluid so it can be more easily expelled with coughing.
It is also an anttussive. Antitussives (cough suppressants) relax the respiratory system and the blood pressure and then the coughing reflex relaxes and stops.It is advised to drink very few cold drinks when you are trying to stop your cough and increase the warm and hot drinks. Drinking lots of hot things will speed up the healing. If you drink a lot cold drinks the cold energy will contract muscles and cool down the inside of the body. In order to perform bodily functions well the body will have to expend energy to warm things up again. When you have a chronic cough you are usually feeling depleted. You want to be conserving energy. So if you want something from the fridge as least let it sit on the counter for a little while before you drink it.
Note: The cough will go. If it comes back again in a few days or a week, there is an underlying problem that must be addressed: 1.) There may be a very minor bacteria infection holding the pattern. Add Herbal Antibiotic (2 twice a day) for 5 days with your Stop The Cough. 2.) Maybe your lungs are weak overall and a formula like Radiant Immune Defense taken over a long period of time (2 twice a day) would bring back the strength to your lungs. 3.) Or your lungs may be dry. Perhaps it is the dry heat of your heater or the dry weather. Cough & Bronchitis #2 will help you restore that natural moisture again.


Platycodon, root
Stemona, root
Schizonepeta, herb flower
Cynanchi, root
Aster, root
Mature Citrus, peel
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Licorice, root
Vegetable Capsules