Spirit Well-Being

Spirit Well-Being

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Grounding and calming. Helps insomnia
  • Releases anxiety and excessive worry
  • Adaptogen for long-term cumulative benefits
  • Enhances calmness
  • Builds blood
  • Soothes the spirit

Spirit Well-Being is a formula to lift the Spirit while steadying the emotions. Used daily, Spirit Well-Being has a powerfully stabilizing effect. It protects the Spirit from extraordinary stress, anxiety, or excessive worry. The combination of herbs used in this formula is focused on both the Liver and the Heart - two of the organ systems most immediately affected by excess challenge. This formula also contains special herbs that support the adrenal system. It is good to combine Spirit Well-Being with a Replenishing and Restorative Formula such as Replenishing Essence or Rejuvenation Formula to keep stress from draining your energy reserves.


Amber, mineral
Reishi, mushroom
Polygonum, root
Albizzia, flower
Asparagus, root
Polygala, root
Zizyphus, seed
Mother of Pearl
Organic brown rice, powder
Spirit Poria, mushroom
Eclipta, herb
Salvia, root
Ho Shou Wu, root
Bupleurum, root
Licorice, root
Acorus, root
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