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Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy

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Adaptogenic herbs to boost energy & reduce stress.

Radiant Energy is a wonderful general formula designed to improve physical and mental energy. It helps to restore vitality and invigorate the systems of the body. It also helps to heat up hormones that have cooled off, strengthen fatigued or debilitated people, and stoke the fires of circulation, digestion, appetite, and energy. Radiant Energy will help you adapt to new situations, balance the body and mind, and fight stress--physical, mental, and emotional.




Siberian Ginseng, root
Ginseng, root
White Atractylodes, root
Schizandra, fruit
Gynostemma, leaf
Astragalus, root
Poria Cocos, mushroom
Lycium, fruit
Licorice, root
Vegetable Capsules