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Premature Ovarian Failure Program

Premature Ovarian Failure Program

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

Link To Recommended Product (Super Fertility #2)

Link To Recommend Product (Balance)

About this Product

Experiencing symptoms of early menopause can be scary and unsettling, especially if you’re still hoping to conceive. Your doctor has told you there are no more eggs and the tests show your hormone levels are questionable, if not hopeless. We have worked with many women just like you.

What we know is what your doctor isn’t telling you: given the proper deep nutrition of herbal formulas and energy techniques, you can activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. We’ve supported many women as they renewed their fertility health, created a healthy environment for their eggs, and went on to become pregnant and give birth to healthy, beautiful babies.

We invite you to learn more about how Premature Ovarian Failure can be a premature diagnosis.  Give the body time to renew its energy, release toxic stress and build high quality blood and you greatly increase your odds for turning things around.  Learn more about POF here

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Trusting the Process

I was diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency early 20s and turned to these for hope instead of the drugs doctors like to force on us. The first three months have been better as for as having more energy and feeling like my uterus and ovaries are functioning, no period yet. Drinking hot water in the morning has also been beneficial, helps wake up my body. This is the second time ordering the program, trusting the process.

United States United States

i have faith in god and then my body to regain normal system

hello shatha, I'm 24 years old I have been diagnosed with POF since I was 14 years old iv been taking the medication "patches" that the doctor prescribed me for 8 years and stopped it now for more than 2 years and know I'm in the POF program that radiant wonder suggested and many other women recommended it. my review of these three months is that the hot flashes reduce dramatically, and I'm hoping to see more results god wells, but I have noticed that there is discoloration that formed after taking the tablets on my wrist and on my ankle it turns out its called "melasma" I don't know if that's a good reaction or a bad one but I hope it goes away soon. to tell you the full honesty I haven't been doing what is asked eg: I only did the massages for 2 weeks when I started and then stopped, I have been drinking hot water on and off. but iv been more active and healthier and happier, in general, these past 3 months. I'm looking forward to seeing more amazing results and to regain my normal system. I will be updating after 6 months, take care.

A Radiant Wonder Customer
New Zealand New Zealand

Almost 2months into the program and still waiting for results

I'm 40 years old and was diagnose with POF 2yrs ago. I came across Radiant Wonder and was curios to try hoping it might work on me as others say it worked for them. I started drinking warm water and do some light exercise as well as recommended. Since starting the program last March and stopping my HRT, I see no effects yet though. I'm still having hot flushes, i sometimes can sleep early and have not natural bleed. I have ordered even extra more during their B1T1 promo which is good for additional three more months. Will see how it goes after 5 months and will give update. I it does not then i might stop taking it as I don't want to waste hard earned bucks and will just go back to HRT as during HRT I dont have hot flushes and i sleep well. *hence giving 3 stars for now


Radiant Wonder

It takes 3 months minimum just for the hormones you have been taking to get out of your system, Glenda. Do not take hormones to have a menses right now. The hormones will never leave you more fertile. Your body is working for you right now. Join The Path (follow the yellow bar at the top of the site) and come in for live coaching. We don't just sell products, we are invested in helping you succeed. Please check your email. I have sent you some information to help.

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Prayerful and hopeful

I ordered the super fertility #5, Balance, and Ho Shou Wu. I was diagnosed with a finished ovarian reserve. My first fertility specialist granted me service until my FSH rose to 56. This all started when I was finishing by Doctor Degree my period just vanished. I then visited a second specialist where my FSH went down to a 7 but a 19 on my day to blood work. The insurance company denied my service because of my age. I am hopeful that my miracle will come. I’ve watched many testimonials and read so much about TCM. I feel better since taking balance. Waiting patiently for my cycle to return. I’m also less sad.


Radiant Wonder

Erika, Finishing your doctorate is what caused the cessation of your period. I had a young woman working for us many years ago. Her entire senior year of high school some years before she had no cycle. The stress caused the cycle to stop. And you also burn a lot of blood when you think all the time (protein, too). Someone with an intense job where they think a lot burns protein like an athlete. I think I have seen you in our membership The Path. Please reach out and say "hi." Then when there is no cycle the hormones go crazy. Your FSH (also affected by stress) is not very high. Listen to my YouTube video "The Truth about FSH and AMH". contact the team and ask for the 2 audios I made about Egg Health, and How to Maximize your Cycle. If you are in the membership site, be sure to sign up for the weekly member's news from your dashboard. The newsletter we sent out today gave a list of topics we are going to be covering over the next few months.

United States United States

changes happening

I'm 36 years old and haven't had a period in a few years. My Dr. says that my blood work shows that I am in post menopausal levels and was told I need to get on birth control for the hormones. I wanted to try something natural before going on any type of hormone therapy. I have been using this program for about 3 months and I started having fertile looking cervical mucous for the first time in years! I'm hoping that this is a sign that my fertility and cycles are returning


Radiant Wonder

That is one of the first things that happens. LIsten to the You Tube Video: POF the 5 Stages of Healing. You will see you are right on the path to get there! And think about joining our membership site, it is a special place I built over 6 years, using the ideas from customers to be able to provide live coaching in a totally private setting (no social media algorithms, you can easily change your name). (The Path, follow the yellow bar at the top of the site)