Nature's Beauty Secret

Nature's Beauty Secret

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Exquisite formula for the skin. Contains pearl
  • Promotes healthy, radiant complexion
  • Regenerates new skin cells
  • Helps improve skin's moisture, tone, and elasticity
  • Builds inner and outer radiance

True beauty does come from within. It comes from nutrition that supports beautiful skin and from the calm strong soul that shines through the eyes. Our newly-revised Nature's Beauty Secret was five years in the making as we wanted to create the most exquisite skin formula in the world. We think we have it - a formula that not only makes marked improvements in the softness, color, moisture, and radiance of the skin, but addresses the whole body system. Nature's Beauty Secret is a formula that can be used by both men and women to make a dramatic difference in skin quality and appearance - the skin will radiate with good health. Pearl has been used for centuries for its ability to accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells, thus creating a smooth, radiant complexion. It is famous in the ancient traditions of Chinese Herbalism as a beauty herb and it is also famous for its ability to relieve anxiety and tension. Our pearl is assisted by the traditional uses of two famous flowers - White Peony and Chrysanthemum. In addition to Pearl, Peony, and Chrysanthemum, we use special blood builders to deeply nourish the skin. Coix (pronounced ''coy'') Seed is combined with Schizandra Alisma and Spirit Poria to assist the formula to improve the skin's moisture tone and elasticity. The combination of blood builders such as Rehmannia Longan and Polygonatum help increase circulation and accelerate the production of epithelial cells improving the quality of the skin. And the combination of Ginger and Licorice help to balance and harmonize the digestive system and the formula as a whole. Nature's Beauty Secret is a quintessential skin formula - a combination of ancient secrets and modern research to bring you both inner and outer radiance and the joy of beautiful skin.


Coix, seed
Mother of Pearl, powder
Rehmannia, prepared root
Schizandra, fruit
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Polygonum, stem
White Peony, root
Longan aril
Chrysanthemum, flower
Spirit Poria, mushroom
Alisma, root
Ginger, fresh root
Licorice, root
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