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Muscle and Joint Health #2

Muscle and Joint Health #2

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Relieves pain in the lower extremities
  • Helps relieve pain and stiffness
  • Specific for lower back and legs
  • For joint pain that gets worse in cold and/or damp environments

Muscle and Joint Health #2 is a very famous ancient formula developed to relieve pain and stiffness especially in the lower back and legs. This formula is for pain aggravated by cold/damp conditions.

Chinese medical theory states that energetic conditions such as dampness and cold can get trapped in the joints. This build-up causes the energy flow in the body to stagnate (migrating pain) or be blocked (pain in one fixed location).

Muscle and Joint Health #2 can make a lasting difference because you are not blocking the pain; you are actually breaking down the energetic blockage that causes the pain. It is possible to have dramatic results within a couple of weeks to a month. If you see results, they will improve over time, especially if you can do some simple medical Chi Gong exercises like the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises and add some foods or teas to your diet that can support the work your body is doing.

Recommended Dose: 2 capsules 3 times a day away from food. This product is not recommended for people with acute inflammatory Rheumatoid arthritis. This is a warming formula and could aggravate this type of arthritis.


Angelica Pubescent
Wild Ginger (Asarum), dried root
Siler, root
Gentiana, root
Loranthus, root
Eucommia, bark
Mulberry (Morus Alba), twig
Achyranthes, root
White Peony, root
Cinnamon, twig
Dong Quai, root
Poria, mushroom
Cnidium, root
Rehmannia, prepared root
Ginseng, root
Licorice, root
Vegetable Capsules

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Olivia H.

I have sent Muscle and Joint #2 to my parents in the Philippines due to their leg pains and weakness caused by arthritis. My mother was testifying the product is really good because she could walk and the pain is gone just after taking the capsules for a week. Thank you for your great product.