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Men's Sexual Vitality

Men's Sexual Vitality

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One of the greatest ancient sexual vitality formulas
  • Supports sexual power and endurance
  • Increases sexual fluids
  • Energy tonic for men
  • Supports focus & a sharp mind

Men's Sexual Vitality is one of the greatest of all the ancient male sexual vitality formulas. This is a famous rejuvenation formula bringing back the endurance needed for a satisfying experience. This formula empowers sexual energy while also nourishing and rebuilding the body's energy reserves and sexual fluids. The benefits of this formula extend beyond sexual vitality. It is said that if used for 100 days successively, Men's Sexual Vitality will purify the blood, sharpen the mind, and open the heart. For more dramatic results, this product can also be taken in combination with our other men's formulas: Ho Shou Wu and Men's Virility Formula. The combination of these three products restores not only the fire but also the fuel — the deep energy reserves needed for powerful, fulfilling sexual relations. Once you have taken all three for three months (100 Days of Cultivation), your body will become strong enough that you will find great results with smaller doses. Recommended dose: 3 capsules twice a day for the first 3 months, then 2 capsules twice a day. This formula is taken daily as it enhances and protects sexual vitality.

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Phil G.

Good news! Not only do I feel my *** drive returning, but I feel mentally sharp and have more physical energy.