Male Fertility Program

Male Fertility Program

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Do you have Low Sperm Count, Low Motility or High Morphology? Did you know that if a man can create ample quantities of healthy, energetic sperm it can make all the difference when he is trying to get his partner pregnant? Just by making your sperm healthier, your baby can be healthier, smarter, stronger, and better prepared for life.

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With our deeply nourishing herbal formulas and energy exercises, you can build the highest quality sperm, and fast. If your numbers are subpar, we can teach you how to give your sperm exactly the food and the environment they need to develop successfully.

We invite you to learn more about how your sperm can respond quickly with the proper help.

Sperm Boost Formula

  • Astragalus, root
  • Ginseng, root
  • Atractylodes, root
  • Dong Quai, root
  • Jujube, fruit
  • Ginger, root
  • Bupleurum, root
  • Mature Citrus, peel
  • Licorice, root
  • Cimicifuga, root
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsules
Male Fertility Formula
  • Codonopsis, root
  • Cuscuta, seed Lycium, fruit
  • Epimedium, herb
  • Rehmannia, prepared root
  • Cistanche, herb
  • Dong Quai, root
  • Cornus, Fruit
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsules