Love Goddess Elixir

Love Goddess Elixir

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Use with Women's Sexual Vitality. Awakens libido, supports sexual response, can be warming
  • Helps increase libido
  • Sexual tonic for women
  • Stimulates production of progesterone
  • Promotes female sexual sensitivity
  • Helps improve circulation

Love Goddess Elixir is an exotic herbal formula enhancer for women. It is based on the latest scientific research on female sexual sensitivity and well-being. Love Goddess Elixir contains natural yet powerful herbs to gently and effectively increase libido. It is an excellent sexual tonic for women. The herbs that are used in Love Goddess Elixir have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Herbalism. They build energy reserves (Jing), nourish the blood, stimulate Yang hormones (such as progesterone), and improve circulation. The results are usually felt right away. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We know you can get the results for which you are looking! Call us at 800/901.0656 or email
Aphrodisiacs like Love Goddess Elixir are traditionally taken with herbs that dramatically increase sexual fluids like Schizandra Women's Sexual Vitality or Lycium Fruit (Goji Berry). An increase in sexual fluids creates enhanced sexual sensitivity for women. A high-quality aphrodisiac like Love Goddess Elixir will be more stimulating and not over-warming if the sexual fluids are full.


Deer Antler, Velvet
Epimedium, herb
Avena Sativa, herb
Schizandra, fruit
Longan, fruit
White Peony, root
Lycium, fruit
Morinda, root
Polygala, root
Dioscorea, root
Dong Quai, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules