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Jing Power

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Relieves adrenal fatigue. Builds and grounds energy

  • Addresses the root cause of symptoms such as emotional stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Supports the energy foundation of the body
  • Quickly restores deep energy reserves
  • Invites more energy and mental focus
  • Deeply grounding formula

Jing Power is a formula for both men and women. Jing Power is full of many of the herbs which Asians have treasured for thousands of years.

There is a fascination in Asia with the ability to live to an old age maintaining physical strength and mental clarity. Every healthy octogenarian will usually have a ''secret'' snack of herbs to which he or she attributes their longevity and quality of life.

Modern science has been studying these herbs for many years. It has been found that many of these herbs are unique in the plant kingdom. These unique plants are identified by modern science as ''modulators''. Modulator is another name for ''Adaptogen''. These are terms that are used by modern science to identify herbs that enhance the adaptive response of the body.

The herbs in Jing Power are not considered medicines instead deeply nourishing foods which support what the Chinese call ''Jing''. Jing is considered the energy foundation for the whole body. This concept is unique to Chinese herbal theory. Jing can be depleted by major physical and/or emotional events in life (the death of a friend a miscarriage the loss of a job) or by long term chronic overtaxing of the mind and/or body. Traditional Asian culture is focused on replenishing the Jing, bringing back the physical vitality and mental power lost to life's challenges.

Jing Power is an exquisite formula. It is designed with groups of herbs working together to support the body with balance. None of Radiant Wonder's formula are ''cocktails'' where famous herbs are simply tossed together with no thought of how they might interact with each other. When a truly great formula is built it will not only enhance health but also protect against side effects. One of the most important details which cannot be missed when you are using so many rich tonic herbs is including herbs to strengthen digestion so you are able to get better assimilation of all the ingredients. So, Jing Power is an extremely safe formula for anyone to take. Not advised for those with chronic inflammatory conditions such as RA or for those with Lupus.


Rehmannia, prepared root
Plastrum Testudinis
Codonopsis, root
Rehmannia, raw root
Pseudostellaria, root
Ophiopogon, root
Asparagus, root
Biota, seed
Gynostemma, herb
Poria, mushroom
Anemarrhena, root
Phellodendron, root
Lycium, fruit
Cuscuta, seed
Polygala, root
Jujube, fruit
Broussonetia, fruit
Cordyceps, mushroom
Licorice, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules

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WBC Counts Increased

I have been taking Ultra Energy Formula and Jing Powder for approximately 4 months and they are working! I contacted you around August/September 2020 inquiring about what I needed to do to increase my WBC count which was decreasing due to chemotherapy. You recommended the above stated formulas and my recent blood test results showed that my WBC, RBC & Platelets increased, My WBC counts are still below the normal range but they are moving in the right direction. Thank you so much for these formulas.

Radiant Wonder

Those 2 formulas are used in Asia everywhere to help raise WBC. You can see the proof that we don't treat disease, we build health, for you to be able to better meet the challenges of your life. Bless you. Amanda

Abe G.

I have a very stressful job and needed something natural to give me more energy and stamina. Jing Power is it! Great product.

Marla F.

I am a writer and get very depleted when I am working on a long project. This formula has rescued me physically and mentally so many times. I feel it is my magic secret.

Raj A.

This product helps me tremendously. I am a high level manager in a very large firm. I work long hours and many days. I am only 45 and my energy was not keeping up with my obligations at all! Now I take Jing Power, 3 times a day if I am working late. I never get a buzz only more energy. I understand there are no stimulants in the product, but the energy I get is noticeable and it lasts, unlike something that goes up and crashes. I was hesitant to spend the money because you hear so many stories. I am so glad I took the chance. My wife thanks you as well. I have energy for us again, too.

April W.

I have just delivered a beautiful baby boy. After a total of 5 miscarriages over a few years. After the last loss I called Radiant Wonder. They actually worked with me to get stronger and this product ended up to be one of my favorites. Over time I could really feel the difference in my body. I also took various other products along with it, like Balance, Cinnamon and Poria and Digestive Energizer which also felt really strong and healing for me.