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Immune Vital Protector

Immune Vital Protector

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Restores depleted energy to a compromised immune system
  • Provides powerful protection for a weakened immune system
  • Helps restore depleted energy
  • Helps support healthy immune response
  • Helps body fight infection
  • Contains the Adaptogenic herb Astragalus

This remarkable formula provides powerful protection especially for those with chronic immune deficiency syndromes. It is a very special formula combining the most researched immune modulators with Astragalus which helps to ''lift the energy''. You can feel the powerful support of this formula within half an hour of taking the capsules. Immune Vital Protector is full of immune-modulators and herbs that have shown strong anti-microbial and anti-viral actions. An immune modulator also called an adaptation is a very unique immune builder that adapts its action to fit what your body needs. If you are fighting off a cold it will boost your immune system. If you are having an allergic reaction (your immune system is over-acting) it will calm the immune system. Immune Vital Protector is both an immune modulator and an anti-microbial supplement to help fight infection.

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Carol C.

For 30 years I've had life-threatening allergy to cats. After one year on the Radiant Wonder products, cats are now a wonderful part of my life.

Ronald G.

I've been on your Immune Vital Protector for several months now, and I love it! I wanted something that would help boost my body's immune system. I tried a lot of different herbal remedies for this ... and nothing worked... until now. Since taking the remedy, my ears have felt so much better! ...It also has decreased my dizzy spells. I finally feel like I have more control over my life again! I recommend this product to anyone who has an immune system problem. It really has helped me quite a bit!