Ho Shou Wu

Ho Shou Wu

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Adaptogen. Sexual fluids for both sexes, increases sperm count, blood builder, nourishes hair

  • Famous Adaptogenic rejuvenation herb
  • Helps increase sperm count and egg health (ovum viability)
  • Supports growth of healthy, strong hair and nails
  • Builds nutrient rich blood
  • Supports the liver and adrenal system
  • Moistens intestines for better bowel health
  • Gentle detoxifier
  • Supports deep restorative sleep

This herb is widely considered one of the greatest rejuvenating herbs in the World. Ho Shou Wu is known as the herb of energy and longevity. It is always used in beauty formulas for hair and nails. Ho Shou Wu is restorative for those recovering from big physical and mental challenges, especially medical procedures.

Ho Shou Wu is also believed to be one of most profound sexual vitality and fertility herbs, demonstrating benefits for both men and women. Studies have shown increased sperm count for men and ovum(egg) health for women with increased sexual fluids for both.

Full Spectrum Extract Ho Shou Wu root 12:1 P.E. 350 mg


Ho Shou Wu, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Veggie caps

Radiant Wonder Formulas Using Ho Shou Wu:

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Carl S.

Ho Shou Wu increased my ***** count and dramatically increased my ****** fluids.