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Herbal Vision Formula

Herbal Vision Formula

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About this Product

Calms mild inflammation, clears vision, protects the eyes

  • Promotes strong vision
  • Relieves tension in and around the eyes
  • Contains carotenoids, which protect retina from UV light
  • Reduces floaters

Dendrobium, the root of a beautiful orchid, is famous for helping the body maintain its youthful yin - so it is helpful to the eyes which can tend to dry as we age. Lycium Fruit also nourishes the body's yin. The special combination of the herbs Lycium and Chrysanthemum has been used in Chinese Herbalism for many centuries in formulas that strengthen vision. Modern research has found that both of these herbs are rich in carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin). Carotenoids are found in the macula of the eye. The retina lines the back of the eye. The retina ''sees'' light and transforms it into nerve impulses that allow the brain to ''see'' and recognize objects. The nutrients in Lycium and Chrysanthemum are critical to protecting the retina from ultraviolet (UV) light and free radicals. Chrysanthemum also helps to clear heat in the blood (inflammation). This is important for the proper function of the capillaries (tiny blood vessels that bring nutrition to the eyes). These herbs have demonstrated their ability to strengthen the eyes, relieve stress in and around the eyes, and reduce inflammation. This is a remarkable formula and brings noticeable results. All of the herbs in Herbal Vision Formula are powerful antioxidant protection protecting the eyes against the damaging aging effects of free radicals. Herbal Vision Formula is a good example of a formula that has multiple benefits and help the entire body to function more efficiently. Its base formula is Restore Balance - one of the greatest Jing formulas to which we added phytochemicals rich in nutrients that benefit vision. This remarkable formula not only nourishes your reserve energy (Jing) but also supports healthy connective tissue and microcirculation in the eyes supporting retina and macula function. Modern research continues to demonstrate that the ingredients in this formula can support the retina and its adaptation to light and dark conditions.


Dendrobium, stem
Lycium, fruit
Chrysanthemum, flower
Cassia, seed
Astragalus, seed
Cornus, fruit
Vitex, fruit
White Peony, root
Acorus, root
Ligusticum, root
Tribulus, root
Dioscorea, root
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Jenny B.

I started using Herbal Vision Formula I want to let you know that I have had noticed an enormous difference! My vision is clearer and all the tiredness is gone. Thank you Radiant Wonder.

Robin N.

I have noticed many improvements since using your herbs. My vision is much clearer and I can definitely feel less pressure in my eyes. I have had far fewer headaches. Thank you very much for an excellent remedy.

Ann N.

Just wanted to let you know that Herbal Vision seems to be gradually reducing the pressure in my eyes. Almost immediately upon starting to take it I started to notice an improvement in my eye sight. Thank you for a great product!

Susan H.

I often used to have trouble with my eyes! After taking Herbal Vision Formula for about three months I can see better and don't have so much trouble with my eyes. I am so pleased about this and just wanted to let you know.