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Herbal Maxi-Lax

Herbal Maxi-Lax

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Guaranteed relief. Safe to use once or twice a week. Not for daily use.
  • Alleviates symptoms associated with acute and chronic constipation
  • Helps soften the stool
  • Helps moisten the intestines and increase peristalsis
  • First step in detoxifying the body

Herbal Maxi-Lax is a mild yet remarkably effective formula for those who suffer from acute and chronic constipation. The herbs in Herbal Maxi-Lax naturally and gently soften the stool, moisten the intestines and increase peristalsis.

This is an excellent formula to use as a first step in detoxifying the body.

Once the system is cleaned you can start working on other key areas for detoxifying and achieving a brighter outlook on life


Rhubarb, root
Magnolia, bark
Senna, leaf
Mature Citrus, peel
Sesame, seed
Immature Citrus peel
Peach, kernel
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