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Herbal 8 Formula

Herbal 8 Formula

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A gentle mild diuretic. Helps swollen hands and ankles. Supports weight loss.

  • Relieves water retention in the body
  • Has mild diuretic properties
  • Supports digestion
  • Promotes good blood sugar levels
  • Supports cardiovascular system

Water retention (edema which swells the ankles and bloats the body) is a real danger to your health weakening not only the kidneys but the gallbladder and the liver as well. This water retention is a big part of holding extra weight. The Chinese consider fat to be a combination of water and mucus. So, in Chinese Medical Theory a major part of losing weight is lightening the load on the digestive system releasing excess water retention from the body. This formula is very unique. First of all, it is very gentle. Only a doctor should administer and monitor stronger diuretics and this formula should never be used to replace any of those drugs. This is very gentle because it works to not only release water retention but to address the usual cause according to Chinese Herbalism of this condition. What is that? A weak digestive system. If the digestive system has been weakened by too much fast eating or too many cold drinks and foods, it does not properly process fluids.

Chinese Herbalism is very focused on the value of strong digestion. They feel it is the major manufacturing plant of the energy you need to run on every day. And if efficiency of the manufacturing process is degraded then the first things that arise are decreased energy and some general mild body edema. Poria Cocas is one of the key ingredients. Why is this herb so precious to this formula? Because not only does it have mild diuretic properties, but it strengthens digestion. Modern science knows that a strong digestive function will support not only good blood sugar levels but also the cardiovascular system. Studies have found that the ingredients of Herbal 8 Formula have demonstrated positive effects on cholesterol levels and replenishing vitamins amino acids and sodium (commonly lost with frequent urination). Herbal 8 Formula is one of the most intelligently organized formulas in Chinese Traditional Herbalism. Each herb is chosen to compliment enhance or balance the energy of the others. Together the components are worth far more than any one part. This is a gentle fluid balancing and it is perfectly safe for long term use. Note: Do not use this product if you are on a diuretic. Review it with your doctor.


Alisma, rhizome
Red Atractylodes, rhizome
Poria, mushroom
White Atractylodes, rhizome
Polyporus, mushroom
Corn Silk
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Cinnamon, twig
Vegetable Capsules