Ginkgo Mind Power

Ginkgo Mind Power

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Increases energy and brain function without stimulants
  • Promotes mental clarity, concentration, and memory
  • Aids in bringing oxygen to the brain
  • Relieves mental fatigue
  • Increases energy without stimulants

Ginkgo Mind Power is designed to strengthen and empower the mind. It is the mainstay formula for the mentally active now and later. It contains the primary herbs used to increase the power of concentration and improve both long and short-term memory.

Ginkgo and Siberian Ginseng are used to bring more oxygen to the brain. Polygonatum Sibericum is a special ingredient having shown the ability to enhance brain function and relieve mental fatigue. We use Schizandra Fruit to stimulates the mind and improve concentration.

Use Ginkgo Mind Power to boost your mental sharpness, stamina, and to help mild memory problems associated with aging. It is always a good time to use a formula with powerful antioxidant properties to protect your cells from free-radical aging.




Schizandra, fruit
Eleuthero, root
Polygonatum, root
Ginkgo Biloba, leaf extract
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules

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David L.

I was open minded when I started to take Radiant Wonder herbs. After a couple of months I became a firm believer because my blood pressure went down from 160/90 to 140's/80's, just amazing and painless. The cost is less than one visit to your doctor. The Ginkgo Mind Power really gives me a mental boost. Before I started taking it I had a hard time concentrating but when I take it I feel sharp.