Free Flow Athletic

Free Flow Athletic

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For fast recovery after any intense workout

  • Dramatically improves workout and recovery time
  • Relieves workout induced muscle pain
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Taken before and after exercise

In Chinese Medicine it is believed that all pain stems from the interruption of the free flow of energy and blood in the body. From the standpoint of an athlete, physical injuries can be painful on an emotional level if they are not able to work out or exercise regularly.

Free Flow Athletic formula is a powerful combination of herbs traditionally used to relieve pain, swelling, and decreased range of motion caused by many types of traumatic injuries to the muscles and connective tissue.

Free Flow Athletic does not mask symptoms but works quickly to release the energy blockage.



Curcuma (Turmeric), root
Myrrh, resin
Cattail, pollen
Frankincense, resin
Dong Quai, root
Madder, root
Ligusticum, root
Carthamus, flower
Cyperus, root
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