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Free & Easy Energy

Free & Easy Energy

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Prepares for a pain-free, cramp-free menses, warms the uterus
  • Relieves severe pain that comes with ovulation or menses
  • Brings better circulation of blood and energy to the uterus
  • Warms a cold uterus (Common for those who chill easily)

Free and Easy Energy formula is excellent for someone who tends to chill easily who has intermittent sharp pain that occurs with ovulation or with the period. It is possible the menses may be dark and clotty.

When the blood is not flowing normally and smoothly, it causes obstruction to the flow of energy and may create an accumulation of toxins. Having a bruise or acne are two examples. Bruises are also a sign of fatigue in the body, and acne may represent toxins and a lack of smooth blood flow.

This formula will help to resolve the menstrual discomfort and allow your body to transport and process toxins effectively. The uterus is best helped here when there is evidence showing up in the form of other tissues growing in the lower abdominal area. This formula need only be taken for a period of 2 weeks at a time. Take notes of your experience to determine if another formula is needed afterwards.


Corydalis, rhizoma
Dong Quai, root
Fennel, fruit
Red Peony, root
Myrrh, resin
Cattail, pollen
Cnidium, root
Ginger, dried root
Cinnamon, bark
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules