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Fight The Flu!

Fight The Flu!

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Fight The Flu! is a complex formulation of phytonutrients that are used to relieve very specific symptoms:

  1. A constant fever.  Can be high, or low grade, but always constant. This is going to start drying your lungs. This fever does not go up and down like the fever in a normal cold.

  2. A dry cough.  Usually a sudden appearance of a dry cough that will not stop, especially at night.

This is likely the beginning of the flu and can be dangerous, so it is very important to contact your doctor right away.  Do NOT delay seeing your doctor, but these formulas are totally safe to take to start helping your body fight off these symptoms.

You will want to have these 2 formulas in your medicine cabinet, on hand, ready for this surprise attack.

1st: Fight the Flu - take this formula until you are no longer sick.  It will help keep the fever down once it is down and it will moisten the lungs to resolve the cough. 

2nd: Fever Buster- take this formula only for a few days.  Just until the fever breaks.

Protecting Your Lungs:  When you have a fever like this and it is drying up your body and your lungs, this is not to take Stop It Cold or Stop It Cold 2 (children's version).  Why?  These products make you sweat.  Like Grandmother always said, "sweat out the fever." Not here. You are too dry. Making your body sweat will make a dry cough worse!

So, pay attention to your body and what it is telling you. Pears are healing for the lungs. You can drink room-temperature pear juice, eat a steamed pear every day and drink LOTS of water. Stay away from dry heat (like heat fans). Use the essential oil diffuser without the essential oil so you can have more moisture around you. And get well SOON (so you don't have to recover for a month)!


Lonicera, flower
Chrysanthemum, flower
Isatis Root Forsythia, flower
Schizonepeta, flower
Phragmites, root
Pueraria, root
Platycodon, root
Siler, root
Mentha, herb
Ginger, root
Licorice, root
Evodia, fruit
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules


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Rodney J.
United States United States

The flu is caused by a virus. Several kinds of viruses can give you the flu. While there’s no cure for the flu, I have found there are natural remedies that might help soothe flu symptoms. They may also help shorten how long you have the flu. The company I turn to when I need any product for a cold or the flu is Radiant Wonder. They have several excellent products and the best for the flu is “Fight the Flu.” It has several herbs that have been used for centuries to fight off the flu.

United States United States
Months ago I got some Fight the Flu and Fever Buster. So glad

I experienced the power of Fight the Flu. I’ll never be without it in the future. It will sit in my cupboard, just in case. First, I had the flu shot in the fall but then in late February, I got the flu. It was disastrous. I literally wondered if I would ever get better. When I first started feeling sick I started taking Stop It Cold,my go-to, whenever I get sick (I love that formula), but then within 2 days instead of getting better like it usually does, it got worse!! Way worse. I had a cough that would not stop, but nothing would come up. I started coughing all night, and then I realized I was feeling kind of warm. I remembered I had bought the flu formulas from you in September, “just in case” I ever actually got the flu. I found them and switched up my formulas I stopped taking Stop It Cold, and started Fight the Flu and Fever Buster. Within 2 days of taking the Fight formula my cough was so so much better. The heat went away by the end of the first day I took the Fever Buster. To be safe I took it one more day. I loved Fight the Flu. It kept healing my cough and giving me back my energy. With a total of 4 days I felt I was out of the woods. I kept taking Fight the Flu for the next 4 days. Then I went back to my Radiant Immune Defense. All I can say it is one thing to read what you tell us, and a completely amazing thing when it happens to you, and what you said works! You were exactly right! I’m still a Stop It Cold girl, but I will keep these 2 around in case this happens to me next year. I had seen the doctor, all he could do was confirm I had the flu and send me home to drink Chicken Soup (which I did!). It was great to have something to help me at home waiting. He couldn’t believe I recovered so fast. Amy