Fertility Cleanse Formula

Fertility Cleanse Formula

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Releasing old toxins and preparing for pregnancy
  • Helps liver to detox excess estrogen
  • Supports a healthy cycle
  • Enlivens sexual vitality
  • Supports the endocrine system and the ovaries
  • Supports hormonal balance

Chinese Medical Theory is that there are stagnations of energy, blood and other factors which get in the way of our natural balance. The purpose of the Radiant Wonder Fertility Cleanse is to release blockages so your body can renew itself setting up the balance needed for conception and to support normal hormonal balance. We call this process de-stressing the body. It is best done with a combination of herbs and energy exercises.We recommend that the Fertility Cleanse be done for 1-2 weeks.

Do I have to stop my Radiant Wonder Baby Making Plan to do the cleanse?
Only if you are doing the Fertility Cleanse diet as well. Then you stop for the 3 day neutralizing cleanse (simple eating). After that you can easily do both at the same time. As you do the cleanse you will feel things beginning to shift and move.

It is highly recommended that you do the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises every day with the Fertility Cleanse to help the body re-balance smoothly. Setting up a new balance means moving energy that has been stuck sometimes for a long time. In Western terms you will be helping the body remove excess hormones promoting hormonal balance and supporting your reproductive function.



Siler, root
Ligusticum, root
White Peony, root
Poria, mushroom
Angelica Dahurica, root
Gynostemma, herb
Platycodon, root
Organic Brown Rice, power
Cyperus Rotundas
Dried Ginger, root
Cinnamon, twig
Triphala, fruit
Pinellia, root
Immature Citrus, peel
Citrus, peel
Pseudostella, root
Licorice, root
Mentha, herb
Vegetable Capsules