Fertile Treasure

Fertile Treasure

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Builds blood, sexual fluids, supports egg quantity and quality

  • Builds blood, sexual fluids, and cervical mucus
  • Relieves hot flashes and brings down excess heat
  • Supports ovarian function
  • Diminishes irritability, mood swings, and fatigue
  • Promotes hormonal balance

Fertile Treasure is a great blood builder, it is excellent for those who often feel fatigued. Fertile Treasure is perfect for women who tend to get warm easily or have hot flashes.

It calms feelings of irritability, diminishes depression and has demonstrated a clinical ability to balance FSH. Any of these symptoms are considered excess ''heat'' in the body. In the Asian herbal language, ''heat'' can mean not only body warmth, but increased mental and emotional activity which may be exhibited in many different ways—insomnia, depression, feeling stuck in a rut, tense, or driven.

Fertile Treasure is a wonderful formula because it not only builds Essence, which can be seen in sexual fluids, cervical mucus but it also builds blood and is the nutritional base needed for more the development of healthy eggs.



Rehmannia, prepared root
Cornus, fruit
Dioscorea, root
Mouton Peony, bark
Alisma, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Phellodendron, bark
Anemarrhena, root
Vegetable Capsules