Digest Ease #1

Digest Ease #1

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Stabilizes digestive function
  • Protects the digestive system from the effects of stress
  • Strengthens and stabilizes digestion
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Partner formula for Calm Digestion

Digest Ease #1 is to build a strong, stable and efficient digestive system that brings unbounded energy and mental stability. A good diet is not all that is needed for building the best fuel for the body. It’s important to have a stable efficient digestive system free from stress as stress easily compromises digestion.

This effective formula is a gentle yet powerful formula to re-balance and counteract the affects stress. When your digestion is smooth and steady, the body will feel stable and grounded which is a powerful signal that all is well.


Capillaris, herb
White Atractylodes, root
Schizandra, fruit
Coix, seed
Codonopsis, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Agastache, leaf
Bupleurum, root
Plantago, seed
Licorice, root
Phellodendron Bark
White Peony, root
Siler, root
Mature Citrus, peel
Magnolia, bark
Ginger, root
Angelica Dahurica, root
Coptis, root
Saussurea, root
Vegetable Capsules

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Patty B.

I used to feel kind of nauseous after I ate. No matter how little I ate I felt a little sick and bloated. No more. I took Digest Ease #1 and Calm Digestion for about a month. It all went away.

Tone I.

Things are going better! After receiving Digest Ease 1, the bad breath and metallic taste disappeared completely!

Alice B.

What's in this stuff! I just take one before each meal and I have no more difficulty with constipation or gassiness.