Cough and Bronchitis #1

Cough and Bronchitis #1

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After effect of cold: relieves cough and lingering inflammation

  • For dry cough that comes with a cold
  • Eliminates sticky phlegm difficult to expectorate
  • Moistens the lungs
  • Can be used with pharmaceutical antibiotics

Cough and Bronchitis #1 is used to clear the lungs of congestion from lingering dry cough. It also generates fluids which moisten the lungs. When the lungs fall out of balance, they get too dry. This formula is very helpful in eliminating phlegm which is sticky or difficult to expectorate. This is often a cough that might keep you awake at night lingering after a respiratory infection.

Cough and Bronchitis #1 is very safe and gentle and it can be used without negative side effects with pharmaceutical antibiotics.

It is also advised to eat peaches and pears as these food have been traditionally used to help moisten the lungs. When you eat the pear also eat part of the skin. The pear itself nourishes the lung yin; the skin helps the body hold the yin moisture.

Always check with your doctor if you have a lingering cough. You do not want it to develop into pneumonia.

Drink lots of hot water with this formula. Warm water and foods will really speed up the healing. This formula is not for a cough copious mucus and phlegm.

Stop taking the formula when the cough is gone. 

It is good to follow this formula with a couple of months of Youthful Lungs to deeply nourish and strengthen the lungs.


Dong Quai, root
Ophiopogon, root
Poria, mushroom
Scutellaria, root
Jujube, fruit
Bamboo, shavings
Platycodon, root
Fritillaria Corrhosa
Apricot, seed
Morus Albica Bark
Gardenia, fruit
Asparagus, root
Mature Citrus, peel
Licorice, root
Ginger, fresh root
Schizandra, fruit
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules