Cold Sores - Vaginal Program

Cold Sores - Vaginal Program

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Clear Simplex 2 - How to get rid of itching and burning formula Radiant Wonder has developed an herbal formula to relieve what Chinese Medicine calls toxic damp heat in the lower body. What does this mean? Toxic damp heat creates itching or burning outbreaks in the genital area.

This formula relieves the symptoms of:* Genital Herpes
* Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge of color and perhaps odor) or
* Any issues in the urinary tract or genital area which includes the symptoms of itching and burning.
It is VERY important to consult with your doctor to make sure you have the right diagnosis.
If you have a serious STD it can be very dangerous and you need to know what is going on.
The 2 keys to making your outbreaks less and heal faster.

  1.  Start taking Clear Simplex #2 as SOON as you feel an outbreak may be coming. Once the outbreak is gone put the formula back on the shelf.
  2.  Keeping building resistance by building a strong immune system. 

If you have a virus which is creating a recurring outbreak it can never be cured. This formula is designed to address the symptoms. It is not a cure.
The most common example: Genital Herpes (type 2) Infection with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 2 usually results in sores on the buttocks penis vagina or cervix two to twenty days after contact with an infected person.

It may take up to a week for the symptoms to disappear but intensity of symptoms should start to diminish very quickly. To relieve the symptoms of vaginal discharge which has color (and sometimes with odor). Clear Simplex 2 is effective for a discharge that has a yellowish color itching and sometimes odor. The yellowish discharge is not as STD it is simply a temporary imbalance. The relief should come very quickly. If the discharge has not been going on for a very long time (a few weeks or less) you can expect the symptoms to drop dramatically and quickly. Any type of vaginal discharge with color should also be treated with Yin Care (douche and applicator). This way you are approaching the problem internally and externally at the same time.


Clear Simplex #2

  • Phellodendron, bark
  • Scutellaria, root
  • Coix, seed
  • Gardenia, fruit
  • Rehmannia, raw root
  • Plantago, seed
  • Rhubarb, root
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsules