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Clear Simplex #2

Clear Simplex #2

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Relief for the pain, inflammation and itching of genital cold sores

  • Helps relieve itching or burning outbreaks in genital area
  • Alleviates toxic damp heat in the lower body
  • Does not cure herpes, but alleviates symptoms quickly
  • Be sure to take an STD test to confirm it is not more serious
  • Helps relieve bacterial infections

Clear Simplex 2 - Radiant Wonder has developed an herbal formula to relieve what Chinese Medicine calls toxic damp heat in the lower body. What does this mean? Toxic damp heat creates itching or burning outbreaks in the genital area.
This formula relieves the symptoms of:

* Genital Herpes
* Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge of color and perhaps odor) or
* Any issues in the urinary tract or genital area which includes the symptoms of itching and burning.
It is VERY important to consult with your doctor to make sure you have the right diagnosis. If you have a serious STD it can be very dangerous and you need to know what is going on.
The 2 keys to making your outbreaks less and heal faster.
1) Start taking Clear Simplex #2 as SOON as you feel an outbreak may be coming. Once the outbreak is gone put the formula back on the shelf.
2) Keeping building resistance by building a strong immune system. Month by month your body will become stronger.
You are looking for fewer outbreaks and outbreaks that disappear or resolve more quickly. Recommended Product: Radiant Immune Defense 

If you have a virus which is creating a recurring outbreak it can never be cured. This formula is designed to address the symptoms. It is not a cure.
The most common example: Genital Herpes (type 2) Infection with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 2 usually results in sores on the buttocks penis vagina or cervix two to twenty days after contact with an infected person. Sexual intercourse is the most frequent means of getting the infection. Both primary and repeat attacks can cause problems including: a minor rash or itching painful sores fever aching muscles and a burning sensation with urination. HSV Type 2 may also occur in other locations but is usually found below the waist. Frequency of repeated bouts vary. The initial episode can be so mild that a person does not realize that he or she has an infection. Years later when there is a recurrence of HSV it may be mistaken for an initial attack leading to unfair accusations about the source of infection.

The goal is to relieve as quickly as possible outbreaks and then to strengthen the immune system so outbreaks are not as often. It is important to start taking this formula as soon as symptoms appear. If the outbreak is already full blown it may take a week for symptoms to completely disappear. Clear Simplex 2 contains anti-viral and antibiotic herbs for internal toxic heat. It may take up to a week for the symptoms to disappear but intensity of symptoms should start to diminish very quickly. To relieve the symptoms of vaginal discharge which has color (and sometimes with odor). Clear Simplex 2 is effective for a discharge that has a yellowish color itching and sometimes odor. The yellowish discharge is not as STD it is simply a temporary imbalance. The relief should come very quickly. If the discharge has not been going on for a very long time (a few weeks or less) you can expect the symptoms to drop dramatically and quickly. Any type of vaginal discharge with color should also be treated with Yin Care (douche and applicator). This way you are approaching the problem internally and externally at the same time. Please follow the link from the product to the manufacturer's website.

There is very good research behind this formula. (For the clear discharge we have the product Candida Relief.) The dosage for Clear Simplex 2 is the same for vaginal discharge. Stop taking Clear Simplex 2 when symptoms disappear. Symptoms will disappear more quickly but it is important to make sure the vaginal pH balance is reestablished. One bottle of Clear Simplex 2 should be enough internally but you might need more than one cycle of Yin Care for complete relief. If the relief is complete these symptoms will not return easily. For any questions you may have we're here to help. 1-800-901-0656 It is important to understand what you are doing with the Clear Simplex 2 and the Yin Care. Don't be shy about calling or emailing us with questions. Many people have these problems and if the products are used properly, they are very effective. 


Phellodendron, bark
Scutellaria, root
Coix, seed
Gardenia, fruit
Moutan Peony, bark
Rehmannia, raw root
Plantago, seed
Rhubarb, root
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules

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Janice R.

I am a therapist and I have had a persistent problem with ****** Simplex 2, genital ******. I have used Radiant Wonder with success for other things so I thought I would give Clear Simplex 2 a try. I was totally blown away by how effective it was and how quickly it worked. I am now on a program of Clear Simplex 2 if I feel a breakout coming, and Radiant Immune Defense to build up my system between breakouts. I can tell you this problem is becoming less and less of an issue. I am so grateful!

Kenney T.

I had chronic bv, and constant yellow discharge no std. Everything I tried only relieved the bv and yellow discharge temporary. Between antibiotics and over the counter treatment I was in a endless cycle. I'm a user of radiant wonder products for fertility issues. However this formula is awesome and a God send. After two days of using I had no yellow discharge, none what so ever. I continued to use for a week to make sure I gave the formula enough time to work. I have not had any issues with bv or the yellow discharge. I now feel confident to indulge in ****** activity. If you are a person with bv issues this works!!!