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Clear Flow : A Cinnamon and Poria Formula

Clear Flow : A Cinnamon and Poria Formula

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

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Supports release of adhesions, small fibroids and scar tissue

  • Softens scar tissue and increases circulation of blood and energy
  • Supports release of adhesions and overgrowth in the pelvic area
  • Very dynamic, yet very safe and gentle formula
  • Used in programs for blocked tubes, Hydrosalpinx, ovarian cysts, PCOS, and painful periods* 

Clear Flow is a very dynamic formula. Chinese Medicine calls this formula a "moving" formula. It gets things circulating in the body as it brings more blood and energy to the reproductive organs to re-balance and recharge sexual vitality. Clear Flow is formulated to support the lower abdomen helping to resolve any accumulation of tissue (scar tissue, small fibroids and mild endometriosis) growing in the area that does not belong there.

If the fibroids or endometriosis is not mild or small, then it is better to use Cinnamon and Poria only.  Cinnamon and Poria does all the things Clear Flow does, but not so strongly.  Better to be gentle so you do not have excess bleeding.  With these two conditions we strongly recommend that you do not try to treat this only on your own.  You will need to work with your doctor or acupuncturist one-on-one.

It is very important to make sure you are taking a blood-building formula and eating lots of cooked green leafy vegetables when you take a dynamic "moving" formula.  There must be something to move!

Clear Flow is used to give your body the best chance possible to resolve a range of gynecological disorders including the following:

Dysmenorrhea (pain and cramping)
Mild Endometriosis (see article below)
Small fibroids (see article below)
Blocked Fallopian tubes
Ovarian cysts
Menstrual irregularity
Chronic pelvic pain (without infection per doctor)

Important note:  It is not a good idea to add Cinnamon and Poria to Clear Flow.
Don't take them both at the same time.  Clear Flow is built on a strong base of Cinnamon and Poria. (Cinnamon and Poria plus some other special herbs).
It may be too much for you.

Please read this article: How to Use Strong Gynecological Herbs Safely