Bronchitis Program

Bronchitis Program

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Bronchitis is a lung disease that is aggravated by industrial pollutants dust and smoke. If left untreated bronchitis can result in the irreparable destruction of lung tissue.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view qi (the vital energy that regulates a person's spiritual emotional mental and physical health) circulates throughout the body on pathways called meridians.TCM views bronchitis as a disruption of the flow of energy in the body. Western medicine sees the same symptoms as a standard respiratory infection.

Our herbal formulas remove internal blockages to help control bronchial infections effectively and safely.


The Great Protector

White Atractylodes, root
Siler, root
Astragalus, root
Vegetable Capsules


    Cough and Bronchitis

    Rehmannia, prepared root
    Rehmannia, raw root
    Ophiopogon, root
    Lily, bulb
    Fritillaria, bulb
    Dong Quai, root
    White Peony, root
    Licorice, root
    Organic brown Rice, powder
    Platycodon, root
    Scrophularia, root
    Vegetable Capsules