Bringing Back the Cycle Program (Amenorrhea)

Bringing Back the Cycle Program (Amenorrhea)

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We have helped many hundreds of women bring back their cycle over the last 20 years. This is a tested program.  Unless there is something very bizarre about your situation you have the highest odds for success when you follow our Herbal Program and free Fertility Plan.

This is not a fast acting powerful hormone like progesterone, forcing a menses.  You are not aiming to override your hormones to make your body have a cycle when it clearly does not want to right now (and if you take the progesterone too many times your body will not respond at all. That is not because there is anything wrong with you. It is because the hormone is using up your body's reserves, leaving you less fertile.) 

With our program you are nourishing your body to help your body have the material it needs to start naturally recruiting more follicles and having a cycle again.

This nourishment takes time, but it is something no doctor can do with a drug. Only you can help yourself.  It may take 3-6 months, or it may take over a year depending on what you and your body have been through. But you will not feel as you are feeling now, you will learn the markers on the way and see and feel your progress.

Don’t think of your body as your enemy.  It is your friend. And right now, for some reason it is protecting you by not having a cycle. Do you need more blood? More warmth? More energy (nothing heals without energy)?

If you take the program and you also follow the free Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan consistently you will feel and see results as your body starts to respond.  Eventually it will be exciting, because you will know, even before your cycle returns, that things are working. You’ll know it is coming. 

Of course, results vary, but this is one of our most successful programs.


  • Bupleurum, root
  • White Peony, root
  • Dong Quai, root
  • Poria, mushroom
  • White Atractylodes, root
  • Ginger, fresh root
  • Mentha, root
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Licorice, root
  • Vegetable Capsules
  Super Fertility #6
  • Rehmannia, prepared root
  • Alisma, root
  • Dioscorea root
  • Poria, mushroom
  • Cornus, fruit
  • Moutan Peony, bark
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsules