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Bringing Back the Cycle Program 2  <!-- overheating #2 -->

Bringing Back the Cycle Program 2

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

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About this Product

Each one of our Bringing Back the Cycle programs is slightly different because the reason you aren’t having a cycle is not always the same as it is for your best friend. We are not all alike!

It is important to be having a cycle, and a regular natural cycle. *Having a natural regular cycle is not just important for fertility.**   It is a measure of your health, a vital sign.***

Symptoms:  inflammation, chronic pain, perimenopausal symptoms (even if you are not going into menopause), hot flashes, or surges of heat, dehydration, thyroid imbalance. Everything feels a little hyper (even if your thyroid is hypo). Your body temperature can swing from hot to cold and back. For some, dehydration causes dryness everywhere.  Even sex can be painful. You may have all of these symptoms or simply a combination of some.

Your body has what we see as the very common toxic combination of high stress and lower than normal energy. This lack of energy is key. You may not notice that you are tired because your mind is strong and pushes beyond, but having low energy means hyper reactions to stress are unchecked. You are not grounded. Overheating also causes dehydration and mineral deficiency.  This may sound complicated but normally these symptoms get very fast results.

1.  Why do you think your hormones caused this problem?
When you stop having a cycle your hormones always go out of balance. When the cycle returns hormones rebalance. Maybe the body caused the hormones to go out of balance.

Our approach is to concentrate on balancing the symptoms you are feeling. As symptoms balance hormones balance.  This is the approach of Eastern Medicine. And our customers will tell you it works.

2. What happened? Why is your period missing or irregular?  

Your body is not keeping your period away to punish you. Maybe your body is trying to protect you. 

Maybe there was a trauma in your life. Maybe you have stopped the birth control pill or HRT and your body is still recovering. Maybe you don’t have a way to release stress so it builds up internally. Maybe, like PCO or PCOS it is diet-related. Maybe you are so tired and depleted your body doesn’t want to lose the blood it needs for energy.  Or maybe you are so cold that there is not enough warmth and good circulation in the reproductive organs.

Can you see that you have never been tested for most of these issues? 

And yet one of them may be the root cause of your cycle problems.

Our approach is not to try to substitute herbs for hormones. What you will learn is how to resolve your symptoms. And as symptoms resolve, you can simultaneously feel the cycle wanting to start again. Even when it has been missing for many, many years.

The way to choose an herbal program that will suit you is to study the symptoms. If two seem close, choose the one that seems the best choice.

These four bottles are a special healing team, all four working together to bring back the moisture the organ systems need to stay supple, flexible, and youthful. You'll soon notice an increase in sexual fluids and cervical mucus. Your skin will also be softer and more radiant. At the same time, you will feel emotionally stable and enjoy more consistent energy.

The program is designed to last 45 days. (one and a half months)