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Brain Tonic

Brain Tonic

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Note from Radiant Wonder

We no longer manufacture this product. Below you’ll find a link to a high-quality product alternative - personally researched and approved by Amanda. We do not profit from purchases made from these suppliers. We want to make sure you have the best quality herbs you can trust for your healing journey.

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About this Product


  • Brings more oxygen to the brain
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Long term support for brain health
  • Increase mental focus
  • Clears "Brain Fog"

Brain Tonic increases mental focus aids memory builds energy and as a side benefit increases sexual vitality. The effects are cumulative. This formula is a product of over a year's research into herbs and formulas known in Chinese Medicine to help the brain.  But it is also built with the understanding of how the ancient herbalist understood brain function.   It is an exquisite formula very precisely designed. Brain Tonic is a formula of the highest level.

Simply put, Brain Tonic is designed to nourish the brain, de-stress the mind, calm the nervous system, and clear brain fog.
This is a formula to make part of your daily herbal program and watch your thinking become clearer, your memory become sharper and, with the increased levels of oxygen feeding your brain cells, enjoy more mental flexibility.  It is designed for cumulative results.

Here is an outline of how the formula was designed (for those who are curious)

1.) First:  Nourish the Brain with herbs famous for mental rejuvenation
Ginseng, Ho Shou Wu, Polygala, Pseudostellaria, Alpina, Cordyceps, Reishi Mushroom

2.) Second:  De-stress the Mind and Calm the Heart (calming the nervous system)
Gynostemma, Zizphus Seed,  Reishi Mushroom

3.) Third:  Clear Brain Fog ("Release the Phlegm") increasing oxygen supply to the brain
Curcumin (Turmeric), Bamboo, Acorus, combined with Salvia, Ginkgo, Curcumin

Like all of our products this formula is not only great for brain health, but supports your body holistically.  It is completely natural without any known negative side effects. 


Cordyceps, mushroom
Reishi, mushroom
Ho Shou Wu, root
Zizyphus, seed
Gynostemma, herb
Bamboo, shavings
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Salvia, root
Curcuma (Turmeric), root
Pseudostellaria, root
Alpina, fruit
Ginkgo Biloba, leaf
Acorus, root
Ginseng, root
Polygala root
Vegetable Capsules

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Jackie S.

Brain Tonic is amazing! For years I have heard about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, but quite honestly, I just didn't get around to taking them. Radiant Wonder offers a simple way to get what I wanted. Plus, I get the additional bonus of American Ginseng and Gynostemma all in one capsule.

Don A.

I have suffered for years from gradual memory loss from the effects of MS. Brain Tonic has given me back the ability to concentrate and stay sharply focused on whatever I'm doing. My mind is crystal clear! My dreams are more vivid and I can even remember day to day things much more easily.

Alice C.

Brain Tonic was my ace in the hole while going to law school. I started taking it and it really cleared up my mind, like lifting it out of a fog. I really felt like I was burning out before I started taking this remarkable product. It gave me the lift I needed to keep going.

Bukjar P.

Outstanding. I gave this a test for three months. 2 Creative Mind every am. 2 Brain Tonic am and pm. They also gave me a brain exercise to do.

Rita J.

Brain tonic is great for memory. I was going through a lot of stress and could not remember even the things that happened yesterday. I decided to use brain tonic after studying for my board exam for two months and still didn't remember what I was studying. After using Radiant Wonder brain tonic for a month, I decided to intensively study for my boards and I did for two weeks. I was able to remember everything. My memory was very sharp and still is. I passed my Family Nurse Practitioner boards exam on first try. Thanks to brain tonic, I am still taking it because it keeps me alert and bright.