Blocked Fallopian Tubes Program

Blocked Fallopian Tubes Program

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We know how it feels when your doctor tells you the news... “Your tubes are blocked.” It can be extremely discouraging to hear. But we have good news! We are experts at helping women just like you. We have helped thousands of women all over the world unblock their tubes. We want you to be one of them.

They were also told by their fertility specialist that there was no hope. They too were told the only alternative was IVF. After tirelessly searching and trying, these women were hesitant to believe that we could help them. Yet, armed with the right information, patience, and determination, they unblocked their tubes!


Clear Flow

  • Cinnamon, twig
  • Moutan Peony, root
  • Peach, Kernel
  • Sidgesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao), herb
  • Leonurus (Yi Mu Cao), herb
  • White Peony, root
  • Red Peony, root
  • Cattail, Pollen
  • Dong Quai, root
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Cnidium, rhizome
  • Myrrh, resin
  • Poria, mushroom
  • Fennel, seed
  • Curcuma (Turmeric), rhizome
  • Vegetable Capsules
Ultra Nourishing Formula
  • White Peony, root
  • Albizzia, bark
  • Spirit Poria, mushroom
  • Mouton Peony, bark
  • Bupleurum, root
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Licorice, root
  • Citrus Sarcodactylus, fruit
  • Chaenomelis, fruit
  • Vegetable Capsules