Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

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Cold uterus, miscarriage recovery, postpartum

  • Infertility
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Uterine Bleeding
  • Cold Lower Back
  • Clear/White Leukorrhea
  • Miscarriage Recovery
  • Cold Uterus

Baby blanket is a wonderful formula for women experiencing infertility issues who tend to chill easily. (not good if you are having hot flashes).  I can also be so healing for a woman who has had a miscarriage, even if it is a while ago... This formula builds blood, which is so important for any fertility journey.  It is warming, which increases circulation of blood and energy to the whole reproductive system.

Building more blood can help with many other issues as well.  Building more blood in the body can help to warm the energy channels in both lower back and uterus - the home of your baby. Warming the energy channels brings more energy to the entire body can help a woman recover from miscarriage.

This formula is not recommended for those who overheat easily. Building blood if you overheat can be done with products like Spirulina, or Fertile Treasure.

Baby blanket is great for regulating menstruation and putting an end to uterine bleeding. It also helps with clear/white Leukorrhea.


Codonopsis, root
Evodia, fruit
Cinnamon, twig
Dong Quai, root
White Peony, root
Rehmannia, root prepared
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Ophiopogon, root
Pinellia, root
Ginger, fresh root
Ligusticum, root
Moutan Peony, root
Licorice, root
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