Anxiety Program

Anxiety Program

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Despite what your psychiatrist might say, anxiety is not always all in your head. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your anxiety can be addressed on a physical and energetic level. We’ve worked with thousands of people who struggled with anxiety, just like you. We want to help you get to the root cause of the problem, not just suppress the symptoms.

Let us explain what you can do for yourself, and share with you stories of people of all ages, all over the word who followed our program and are now living anxiety free.

Calm Energy

  • Codonopsis, root
  • Rehmannia, prepared root
  • Dong Quai, root
  • Salvia, root
  • Zizyphus, seed
  • Platycodon, root
  • Scrophularia, root
  • Asparagus, root
  • Ophiopogon, root
  • Polygala, root
  • Poria, mushroom
  • Coptis, root
  • Schizandra, fruit
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsules
  Calm Spirit
  • Zizyphus, seed
  • Organic Brown Rice, powder
  • Vegetable Capsule