A Woman's Vitality

A Woman's Vitality

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Prepares women for a pain & cramp free menses

  • Relieves severe cramps and pain during menstrual cycle
  • Also, for bleeding that stops and starts
  • Reduces menstrual headaches
  • Warms the uterus and moves blood
  • To be taken during non-bleeding weeks

A Woman's Vitality is a special formula that can be taken to get rid of excess cramps and pain while building blood. Your reproductive vitality depends on both good quality blood and good movement of energy in the blood. Blockage of energy causes pain.

This can be used with irregular or missing menses. A Woman's Vitality brings warmth and more energy and blood to the uterus. This can encourage the period to come. Be sure to incorporate the Full Moon Fertility Massage after receiving your plan by email and take our quiz.

For pain with the menses: A Woman's Vitality resolves the root cause of the pain you are feeling.

* If you are having very painful cramps just before the menses or during the first day or two of the cycle.
* If your period stops and then starts again.

A Woman's Vitality with Super Fertility #4, within a few months these patterns will usually resolve.

What if you have had pain with your period for years?
Even if you have had pain for many years it can usually be resolved.

According to Chinese Herbal Theory what you are experiencing is a combination of blood deficiency and needing better circulation of the blood. Pain is stuck energy. This formula will release the energy blockage which is causing the pain.

When you are pain free stop taking this formula and switch to a formula that nourishes your blood.


  • Rehmannia, prepared root
  • Dong Quai, root
  • White Peony, root
  • Persia, kernel
  • Carthamus, flower
  • Ligusticum, root
  • Vegetable Capsules
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Sherri A.

I started taking A Woman's Vitality and Calm Energy. I was taking 2 of each twice a day. My pelvic pain was starting up and I felt I was getting my fibroids. I got the sonogram. They are quite a few but not big. I was getting pelvic pain. At the same time I was getting headaches everyday and craving ice. Advil wasn't helping anything. This was going on for a few weeks. I can not believe how fast things worked. The pelvic pain is gone and the headaches have also gone. I am hoping the fibroids are small enough they may diminish.

Anna A.

This formula is a miracle for me.