A Woman's Energy

A Woman's Energy

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Builds blood, energy & warmth

  • Famous fertility formula for those who chill easily
  • Blood & energy tonic for women of all ages
  • Increases the uterine lining
  • Assists in balancing cycles
  • Supports immune system & mental clarity

A Woman's Energy is a deeply nourishing blood builder. This is a famous formula designed to be taken everyday by women who tend to chill easily are not yet in full menopause.

As this formula builds blood it also increases the uptake and utilization of oxygen, bringing you more energy, mental clarity and immune system support. It is the perfect partner for a formula like Balance, Stress Relief or Harmony.

A Woman's Energy has been consumed as a tea in the Orient for centuries. It is regarded as the secret to maintaining regular cycles, keeping strong energy to meet life's challenges, preparing for pregnancy, postpartum renewal and recovering from illness.

Take A Woman's Energy every day. You'll soon see how your body begins to renew itself. You'll be amazed. You will feel younger and people will respond to you differently.

They will wonder what it is that is so different about you. Your skin will glow and best of all you will remember what it means to feel good.


Rehmannia, prepared root
Dong Quai, root
Codonopsis, root
Poria, mushroom
Gynostemma herb
White Peony, root
White Atractylodes, root
Ligusticum, root
Licorice root
Vegetable Capsules

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Marybel P.
Gave me Energy

I can say I always got tired around 3-5pm everyday I needed to go to bed. Other times I got so weak doing the cleaning around my house with my little ones I just didn’t have that energy. I started taking Women Energy (Which was recommended) . I’m not getting paid at all for this review this is real testimony. After 2days of taking this supplement I don’t get tired no more after 3pm . I feel great ! A lot of Energy , can take care of my kids,doing my daily routine. Thank you so much for this recommendation it changed my life . Very Happy Customer.

Ann C.

I have been working a bit more than I usually do. I have got to say this, which is so strange, about A Woman's Energy but the last couple of days I have felt so good. I do not know where it came from but I have received some kind of extra boost of energy or something. Like being bathed in a aura of peace or something, I don't know, how to explain what it feels like, But wonderful, I have to say that. Perhaps that is the Woman's Energy finally kicking in, I don't know. Whatever it is, it is great. I thought I would be so drained with doing the two jobs. I was starting to feel it but as I just said I suddenly got a little extra power put in my tank.

Leah B.

After only 2 weeks I have noticed that my stress levels reduced significantly which is fantastic considering I work in a stressful environment. I feel almost serene (amazing for me!) I began sleeping a bit better as well. It just occurred to me the other day that I don't feel as tired as I did. Previously, I was constantly exhausted. My hair seems thicker and the best change of all... my bust is slightly bigger! Now after only 2 1/2 months my period has started again. I am so grateful.