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Shipping Updates

We all thought once the holidays were over shipping during Covid-19 would settle back down to pre-Covid regularity. Unfortunately for all postal services, this has not been the case. Postal service staff are still being affected at this time due to the ongoing pandemic.

USPS News Room Updates: 

UPS Service Alerts:

        FedEx Service Alerts:

        DHL Covid-19 Update:

Missing Items: Please report any missing items as soon as you receive your order with an image, order number and items missing to

Lost Items or Stolen Package:
Please note that we ask for everyone to watch for their order with the tracking number provided.
We are not responsible for stolen packages:
Once your order leaves the office, we have no control over the delivery.
In the case of a lost item or stolen package, we ask that you contact us and the postal service selected to send the order to make a claim. Numbers are listed below*

International Customers:  Please be aware even if your choice was USPS, once you have placed your order you can contact us before it ships to get rates for FEDEX or DHL and we can adjust your order.

Here are all the shipping variables, our policies and how we can work together with you.

  1. We are shipping your order when items are in stock within 24-48 hours of its receipt. (not counting the weekends when we are with our families)
    We process orders 9 am Mondays through 2 pm Fridays. If your order arrives after 2pm it will be counted on the next day's order list.

  2. Our inventory has caught up with our growth, so rarely do we not have all your products in stock, however sometimes we have an unexpected run on a product.  We will contact you by email if a product is temporarily out of stock. The longest wait is usually 5 days, however if this proceeds longer please contact us. Note: if you haven't received a tracking number within 3 days of placing your order, please contact us. 

  3. When your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.  International order tracking codes for the UK have to be put in manually so it can take a business day to receive the cod.

    In the past, the USPS tracking number allowed you (and us) to track the order. Now, the tracking number, if your package is late, may mean nothing. It will look like your order is stuck in one place and not moving forward.

    It is still on its way to you.  We have been told by Postal staff that they are often just pushing the order forward and not even taking the time to scan it.  They don’t need the scan to know where to send it, only to have a record of where it is. 

    The Postal Service has lost a lot of employees during Covid-19. They have not yet recovered the full staff, so we are told scans can be skipped.

  4. PRIORITY SHIPPING:  We see every order as priority.  Priority shipping affects how fast the carrier gets it to you. How fast you get your shipment is still being effected by the pandemic.

  5. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.
    This is when your Priority Shipping makes a difference.

  6. Please understand you are also taking full responsibility for tracking your package.  The mail carriers are not part of Radiant Wonder. They are the company you choose to use.  You can redirect the delivery or stop the delivery.  We do not call on behalf of your tracking number and find out any more than you can.

  7. So, what is the Post Covid-19 bottom line for shipping? 

    Often, the USPS delivery time is very fast. However, sometimes a package expected in 3 days may arrive in two weeks Domestic ShippingThey may give you a notification that your package has been delivered before it actually arrives.

      If you are International due to Covid-19 we cannot predict when your package will arrive. This is not our customer service, it is due to the pandemic, the post office cannot keep up with all the packages working with less staff.

  8. We are not responsible for your country’s Customs charges. We do what we can to help you avoid them. 

  9. Our policy for replacing or refunding your money for those orders caught up in Postal complications:

    We give international packages an outside time of 2 months to ship to you.  If it does not and you want a reship, we will do that for you.

    If you choose a refund at that time, of course (minus shipping) that can be arranged. You will just need to talk with us to determine how the other shipment will be handled when it arrives.

  10. Our dedicated customer service team cannot control the unexpected and inexplicable changes of the postal system or delays due to Customs. You would have to communicate with Customs yourself. We are happy to support you if Customs needs something from us.

  11. The future?  It is so unpredictable with any postal service, sometimes the order gets to its destination easily, but this cannot be relied on.

    We are also offering USPS, FedEx or DHL as international alternatives. You can reach out to us once you place your order and we can give you rates and adjust your shipping charges if you choose.

  12. If you are using USPS we want there to be some ground rules, so we can both know what the limits are.

    If your order does not arrive within the first 2 weeks, history shows it is most likely to arrive before 2 months.

    However, if you have not received your order within 2 months,  please reach out and let us know what you want to do. 

    We can reship your order:

    You can pay shipping to have it resent by the same or one of the other carriers;
    or we can refund your money, minus the shipping.  

  13. When the original International order arrives, you have 2 choices:

    1. You can write “refused” on the box, and alert us you have done this.  
    (Note: We used to get products back but since the outbreak of Covid-19 we normally do not.) 

    2.  You can call us and we can determine together when you will pay for it.

  14. If the carrier claims they have delivered the order and you have not received it:

    Please contact the carrier. You may have to call the local post office or got to see them. Often your package is at the post office or customs. Please contact us as well as your local post office or customs office. 

    If you pay for reshipping and give us another safer address to which to send the package can be sent that be the best option.

  15. If your order is lost in shipping, you will have to file a claim with your local post office then send us a copy so we can reship the entire order, only asking that you pay the shipping.

Postal Service Contact Numbers:

USPS 1 (800) 275-8777

USPS International 1 (800) 222-1811

UPS 1 (800) 742-5877

Fed Ex 1 (800) 463-3339

DHL 1 (800) 225-5345