COVID-19 Shipping Update

Significant delivery delays showcase just how much shoppers are turning to online shopping during the global health crisis, and how even online retailers as technologically advanced and customer service oriented as we are can only do so much to handle such an unexpected, once-in-a-generation shopping rush.

USPS Corona Virus Update

This is what we are doing to try to combat this issue for our customers:

  1. We are shipping your order within 24 hours of its receipt if we have all the items for the order during business days.
    Please be aware we only process orders 9 am Mondays through 3 pm Fridays.

  2. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number. 
    In the past, the tracking number allowed you (and us) to track the order. Now, the tracking number, if your package is late, may mean nothing. It will look like your order is stuck in one place and not moving forward.

    It is still on its way to you.  We have been told by USPS staff that they are often just pushing the order forward and not even taking the time to scan it.  They don’t need the scan to know where to send it, only to have a record of where it is. 

    Also, the actual routes the mail is taking have changed to accommodate the increase in volume. So USPS is adjusting to these new pathways. This is temporarily slowing things down. No one wants this to last!

  3. So what is the bottom line?
    Domestic: Often, the delivery time is pretty standard. However, a package expected in 3 days may arrive in two weeks.

    International: International orders which usually can take a week (UK) or two (Canada) are taking at least a month. 

    Orders to Australia, New Zealand, which usually arrive in a month, may take two months. Europe, Africa, may also take two months.

  4. The future? The world is working hard to adjust to this swell of business. We all will. No one wants this to continue. 

The good news: so far not one order has not been delivered. 


USPS is also experiencing International Mail Service Suspensions due to COVID-19.

USPS International Mail Service Suspensions Updated List