Tension Relief

Tension Relief

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Relieves stress for those who chill easily
  • Improves circulation of energy
  • Relieves stagnation and blockage in mind and body
  • Helps to facilitate emotional growth
  • Releases a 'stuck' feeling
  • Soothes frustration and repressed anger
  • Promotes lifting of the spirit

Tension Relief dramatically relieves stagnation and blockage in the mind and body through improvement of the circulation of energy. Tension Relief helps open the psyche to facilitate emotional growth. It is valuable for people who feel ''stuck'', in either the physical or the emotional sense. This feeling of blockage is often the result of long-term frustration and/or repressed anger. By elevating the spirit of those who find themselves in a rut, Tension Relief can offer significant benefits. This formula is also excellent for people who tend to have cold hands and feet (Chinese Herbalism say this is caused by a blockage of energy in the digestive system). It is a favorite for fertility programs as it helps to balance hormonal fluctuations.


Bupleurum, root
White Peony, root
Cyperus, root
Ligusticum, root
Mature Citrus, peel
Licorice, root
Immature Citrus, peel
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsules