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Headache Relief

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Intense headaches - or chronic racing mind

  • Alleviates symptoms associated with acute and chronic headaches
  • Reduces blurred vision, irritability, and dizziness
  • Taken regularly to reduce severity and frequency
  • Most effective if taken with Restore Balance

Our Headache Relief formula is widely used for acute and chronic headaches ranging in severity from simple tension headaches hormonal headaches to intense migraines and cluster headaches with accompanying blurred vision irritability and dizziness. It may be used in smaller long-term dosages for migraine and cluster headache prevention. It is most effective for this purpose when taken with Restore Balance.

You are welcome to contact a Radiant Wonder herbalist to learn about accompanying energy exercises specific for your type of headache. Call 800/901.0656 or email moreinfo@radiantwonder.com. Listen to the free audio CD on our homepage “The Secret of Traditional Chinese Herbalism” to hear one of our customers talk about how the migraines she had been plagued with for 25 years that have gone away. Headache Relief is also used by many people who never get headaches but can feel that the mind is not resting. Headache Relief is a very special Balancing and Harmonizing Formula.


Gastrodia, root
Gambir, herb
Chinese Lovage, root
Angelica Dahurica, root
Ligusticum, root
Siler, root
Typhonium, rhizome
Organic Brown Rice, powder
White Peony, root
Licorice, root
Vegetable Capsules

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Kristine G.
United States United States

No More Headaches

I don't get headaches often but when I do I take a couple doses of the Headache Relief and it works! It doesn't upset my stomach if I take them on an empty stomach so I can take them anytime.

Radiant Wonder

Kristine. The way you use Headache Relief and the quick results you get is proof that your body is in very good balance. Many people have to take it regularly for a year to get to where you naturally are. :) Thanks for sharing. Amanda

Joe E.

For 25 years I had chronic severe headaches. Now, no side-effects and no headaches for the last 2 years after taking Headache Relief.

Donna F.

Your products are superior. So glad to have found Radiant Wonder.

Robert J.

I have had great relief from severe headaches while taking your Headache Relief supplements. I have taken many pain medications and had zero success. My job is physical and I wake-up in the morning with great pain. I am able to work longer and have better rest. Great herbs!

Carol B.

After 20 years of suffering from frequent severe migraines, I've found that with these products I've only had a couple of minor headaches over the past 6 months.