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  • Quiets a worried heart
  • Helps maintain balance during emotional challenges
  • Calms without drowsiness
  • Effective within 20 minutes
  • No known side effects

Calm Spirit is perfect for those times in life when you are going through an emotionally charged challenge. Calm Spirit helps you to maintain balance. It is safe with no negative side effects.

Calm Spirit is made from pure very high quality Zizyphus Seed. Zizyphus one of the most widely used herbs in Oriental Herbalism has a calming effect and has been traditionally called ''Calm the Heart Seed.'' It has a mild nature and a neutral energy which means it has a balancing effect on the body. This is the reason why Zizyphus is used as the chief herb in formulas designed to help relax the emotions.

In Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Zizyphus is categorized as an herb which nourishes both the heart and the blood. It calms the heart and produces emotional stability. Scientific research has demonstrated that Zizyphus seed produces an anti-arrhythmic effect. Arrhythmic activity for the heart is when the heart is racing or beating too fast out of stress or fear. The anti-arrhythmic properties of Zizyphus seed helps the heart beat more normally, relaxed, and regular.

You immediately feel the effects of Calm Spirit yet you are able to stay fully engaged in your activity.

Calm Spirit is the highest quality pure Zizyphus Seed full spectrum extract 300 mg per capsule.


Zizyphus, seed
Organic Brown Rice, powder
Vegetable Capsule

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New Zealand New Zealand

My daughter took this for school anxiety, she couldn't sleep through the night without waking and worrying to the point of making her feel like she would ***** ...she's been on calm spirit for a couple of months now and shes a different kid

Radiant Wonder

I'm so glad. This is such a gentle and safe formula. When I was in graduate school a professor said to me, "this is your formula." She recommended I take it off and on all day and it made such a difference in my anxiety. That is too much for a child, not because there would be bad effects, just a waste of money. Children and older people need very little compared to those in the middle. This review made me especially happy, being a mama myself. Amanda

Karen J.

I love the product I purchased. I plan to buy more products from you.

Paul F.

The "Calm Spirit" pills really work! I have recommended your product to friends. Thanks again!

Mary A.

My son has found these products to be very effective, the anxiety support in particular. Thank you.

John C.

Thank you so much. I thought I'd let you know that previously I ordered Calm Spirit from you to try to see if it would help my wife's clinical anxiety and it appeared to help her. While I have no absolute proof that it was due to the herbs the fact remains that for the first time in nearly 5 years she feels fine without the pharmaceutical drugs.